Pro Youth Philharmonia

Conceived as a ‘professional youth’ orchestra, the Pro Youth Philharmonia introduces an innovative concept by providing high-profile performance platforms and expert concentrated training in the art of orchestral performance for advanced students and young professionals aged 22-32. PYP will equip emerging professional musicians with the tools to further their careers that, in an increasingly competitive market and at a stage in their lives when they are financially vulnerable and lacking contacts within the profession, will promote a work and social ethic helping to optimise their potential, both in the orchestral profession and in the world at large.

Operating largely during college holiday periods, the PYP will afford busy students and young professional musicians the flexibility to rehearse and tour, while maintaining their other ongoing commitments. One of the PYP’s innovations will be the re-examination of established audition practices which frequently lead to serious stress among musicians who are applying for jobs, with some of the finest and most creative musicians often getting overlooked. Other innovations include the introduction of Wissam Boustany’s unique and proven approach to music making known as ‘A Method Called Love’ the concept that Love is the single most powerful resource that can harness an individual’s full potential on many levels and his international initiative ‘Towards Humanity’ , which uses the inspirational qualities of music as a catalyst to raise awareness and funds for humanitarian initiatives, with a special focus of war-torn countries.

The Pro Youth Philharmonia’s inaugural course was in April 2018, culminating in a tour of three concerts, conducted by artistic director Wissam Boustany, in London’s Cadogan Hall, Oxford's Sheldonian Theatre and the Victoria Hall in Stoke-on-Trent.

See the short documentary about PYP HERE.


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